International Calling Frequency

6 p.m., August 7 (Sunday)

Cafe Mari, Myeongdong, Seoul.

On 6 p.m., August 7 (Sunday), we would like you to come learn and sing International Calling Frequency, a song composed by Minouk Lim and Minwhee Lee. Under Lim’s direction, Lee will teach how to sing the song. After the lesson, participants will walk out onto the streets of Myeongdong, singing the song.

We would like you to learn and sing the song together, and share your own video recordings of the process.

The Guideline for International Calling Frequency
1. Begin with the intention to pay tribute to disappearing places and expelled people.

2. Learn this song first by watching the video or the score posted online.
3.Fix and announce the time and place for performance using SNS and other online means.

4. Arriving on the spot, do not gather in a cluster but stand apart from each other.
5. This song/performance is required to create a landscape of belief that ‘we’ sing together though you sing alone in your place.
6. This can be performed without instruments and always open to your participation.
7. All different interpretations of the original song are welcome and invited.
8. Among the participants, someone gives a sign to start.
9. As a sinking ship sends out an SOS signal, this song is a calling frequency that we sends out to the world we dreamed of.
10.So this song begins with humming, not lyrics written in a particular language, or a particular mother tongue.

11. In performing this song, it is highly recommended to write your own lyrics to it.
12. If this song is heard from somewhere, it means a signal to comfort and encourage those who are expelled.

13. Indiscriminate development and layoffs become more and more intensive and we become to lose hope.

14. The waves of Neoliberalism trample upon our compassion and memory, only singing for competition.

15. This song is dedicated to the potential unions which are never discouraged in this situation.

*International Calling Frequency is created in collaboration with Minwhee Lee. Lee is currently a senior at the Department of Musicology at Korean National University of Arts. She composes scores for film and theater, while working as a member of a band ‘mukimukimanmansu’.