An Imaginary Interview with a Vampire

Minouk Lim / Translation: Youngjun Lee

Reporter: Do critics love the taste of artists' flesh?

Artist: Critics takes every measure so that artists behave themselves and their flesh does not get too excited from hysteria.

Reporter: What do you think about your own meat?

Artist: I want to dedicate my meat to whoever wants to taste it. I work home during the day and meet celebrities at night.

Reporter: Did you ever try your own flesh?

Artist: My mouth has been erased away. Only my brain and intestinal cry of hunger but my brain is meat that thinks by itself and wants to eat the rest of the meat claiming that it is sacred. Then my belly says, "As 'thinking' can not be confined to any place whether it be practiced in the brain or in the heart, I also have a right to eat brain meat."

Reporter: Do you like the smell of your blood?

Artist: I have a little bit of anemia and it may be an obstacle to my visiting galleries. And recent young artists are so active that the fresh color of their blood is on its rise. So vampires proliferated so vigorously that I am frightened to go out at night!

Reporter: Do you think that the government is taking every measure to stop the increase of vampires?

Artist: Every administration is made like gochoojang(red pepper paste) and every one knows that the vampire and gochoojang are in collude with each other. The government has already been crowded with vampires for several decades and it has been practicing very strong spirit absorbing power though it is less intense than that of North Korea.

Reporter: But don't you think that the media are waging a practical battle to prevent anemia of art?

Artist: For what newspaper do you work?

Reporter: It's the State Newspaper.

Artist: Unfortunately, your occupation cannot escape the theory and practice of vampires. Cannibals are thriving ever more in the media and the art has never been an effective rampart in this circumstance.

Reporter: You are not a vegetarian, are you?

Artist: Whether I am a vegetarian or not, my brain is sucked and licked all day long and it is rather fortunate that a ghost is not impersonating me in speech. My gaze has been conquered by the image an ossuary and my act begin to work only when it is falsely flattered.

Reporter: Do you think the genres of art fabricated in the museum will contribute to improving the everyday life?

Artist: Surely, the invention of theory is transformable and genres such as informational, organizational an ossuary can get to have the potential of anti vampirizing the brain.

Reporter: Do you think the reorganization training of the pupil is the only way to increase the freedom of expression?

Artist: Images are frozen and our eyes are wearing uniforms. Left-handers and right-handers are always hovering though not in the same direction and the history is constructed using administrative measures. The oppression of the living occurs silently and by simple administration of preserving human beings. Sometimes a few living ones resist this coldness by emitting the warmth inside them but this feeble warmth quickly vanishes.

Text from catalog, Seoul in Media _Food Clothing Shelter, 1998, Seoul Museum of Art.