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Live streaming the opening day of The 10th Gwangju Biennale "Burning Down the House."

Navigation ID_Trailer from minouk lim on Vimeo.

Navigation ID, an intervention by Minouk Lim, brought two shipping containers to the public square in front of the Biennale Halls. The containers held the remains of massacre victims, remains that have been carefully gathered by their relatives in an attempt to bring recognition and respectful burial as well as the remains that have been left over after the dissolution of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

At the opening of the 10th Biennale, the containers and a bus carrying the families of the deceased have arrived, escorted by a helicopter and ambulances – a simulation of the emergency that such untold and unrecognized deaths are due. The family members of the massacre victims was greeted by the mothers of those who died in the May 18 Democratic Uprising. They have been guided to the Exhibition Hall 1 by ‘Mother’s House of the May'. The whole process was streamed live on OhmyNews a popular Korean news website.