From X to A
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From X to A _ Trailer from minouk lim on Vimeo.

When the Korean War broke out in 1950, the South Korean government led by Rhee Syngman committed a series of nation-wide massacres, taking the lives of civilians who had been members of the Bodo League, a forced re-education program for suspected sympathizers to the North and political opponents to the regime, and those who had been accused of being traitors that had helped the Korean People’s Army from the North, along with those were housed in corrective facilities. Among the victims, those that were massacred in Jinju and at a cobalt mine in Gyeongsan in the summer of 1950 under circumstances that remain unclear. Dubious claims and accusations were made during a time when many were wrongfully accused of being communist or potential collaborators with the soldiers from the North. The victims were slaughtered without following any legitimate process, leaving the families of the deceased as a community of people who are under oppression and put under a taboo.